cockerel cushion panel fabric fat quarterLabrador cushion panel fabric fat quarterHow to Make a Quilted Cushion Cover

 Place the picture panel face down, cover it with the wadding, and then with the  muslin backing. Pin all three pieces together, then with a large tacking stitch, tack all three pieces together.

The Cushion Cover Front is now ready to Quilt.

Starting in the centre of the picture panel, sew around the outlines of the design using a small running stitch, the amount of quilting done on the panel is your choice, you may pick out as much detail as you require.

When the Quilting is Complete.

When the quilting is complete trim off any excess wadding which may be over hanging the panel.
Square up the Cushion Cover

Preparing the Back of the Cushion Cover

To prepare the back of the Cushion Cover first cut in half the backing panel and then neaten the edges.
Half is then placed face down covering the picture panel, then lay the second half down overlapping the first half across the centre of the panel.
Pin then stitch all around the edge of the cushion cover. Turn in the right way and your Cushion Cover is now complete.